Kagzipura Handmade Paper on World Handmade Paper Day

On #WorldPaperBagDay, we would like to give a shoutout to Kagzipura Handmade Paper an important part of Aurangabad's history which remained unheard of even today. Kagzipura prides itself on the centuries-old legacy of paper making which dates back to the Pre-Mughal Era. 

Kagzipura has its very own sustainable local craft of handmade paper that makes beautiful paper bags and other products like notebooks, folders, coasters, frames etc. which is located in a small hamlet between Daulatabad Fort and Ellora Caves in Khuldabad.

The skill and knowledge of paper making have been passed down to generations who are once again reviving the craft and training new craftsmen. 

Handmade paper making started between the 12th and 14th centuries to support the administration of the Deccan Capital of 'Daulatabad'. 

The craft continued to flourish during the Mughal period and was essential to the smooth running of the Empire. Mughal 'farmans', manuscripts and important and scholastic documents of that period were handwritten on paper which was made in the quaint village of Kagzipura using traditional techniques, cotton waste and paper waste by skilled Kagzis. 

Also, No trees are cut in the process. It is eco-friendly and promotes the rural economy.

Kagzipura handmade paper restoration is an initiative of INTACH. Handmade paper is available to buy at the INTACH Aurangabad office.